Carl McGreen

Name: Carl McGreen Relations: Madison Pink (adopted sister), Arlene McGreen (mother),

Love interest(s) Sally Jr.

Age(currently in series): 16

Nickname(s): Brothah, Greeny, Chocolate head, The Grinch.


Carl is an abnormally short Gigas Dallon, with wearing glasses. Carl is best friends/neighbors with Robert, Rodger, and Dorn,, unlike them however, he doesn't seem to enjoy getting into trouble, however he has been known to unintentionally get involved in their antics. He lives to the left of the Daller family, Carl has been known to occasionally serve as guidance to the crew, unknowing of what exactly he's helping them with. Carl, while often curious, tends to accept things as they are, rather than drive himself crazy wishing to know. His relationship to the cast is a bit like an older brother,. Carl has an extreme dislike for Rodger, due to his crush on Madison, which he is unaware of, he dubs his behavior as 'creepy' Carl is the only one of their friends besides Madison who are not a member of the Awesome/Epic Squad,. security cameras hidden all over her house. despite their antics, Carl cares deeply for his friends, including Rodger, and especially Madison due to her being his adopted sister, Carl is occasionally made fun of for being abnormally short for a Gigas, despite hanging around them, he remains completely aware of their secret identities, as 'the Awesome Squad,' he often ends up on the sidelines, stating 'What...'

Appearance: Has dark green fur, brown eyes with chocolate brown hair, with glasses He wears a dark green hoodie with gray jogging pants, white socks, and dark green 'crocs'. He also has a seebone that is made out of a regular bone, and he is the only known Dallon to have this bone besides his mother, with abnormal height of 4 feet.

First Appearance: 'The Soldier Snatcher' Latest Appearance: 'The Principal's order'

Trivia: Carl has a crush on 20 year old, 'Sally Jr.'. Carl is a Gigas that is not tall. Carl is inspired by creator 'Corey Johnson'