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Robert Daller is the main protagonist of Dallon universe. he is an unknown race of Dallon, and is 14 years old, having showed up at Melissa and Drew's doorstep one night, his bones are made of an unknown type of metal.


Robert is often described by his parents and teacher's as a problem child, and is largely considered a bad influence on anyone around or under his age, despite this Robert does have a kind heart, and secretly wants to be like his brother Larklin.

Robert often let's one annoying thing ruin things for him, such as when he let 'Old people talking' ruin the biggest party on Dallsu for him.

He will make friends with almost anyone instantly, but is also known for holding grudges for long periods of time, even against his friends, until he manages to give them some sort of payback.



Robert and Rodger are practically inseperable, despite not having virtually nothing common Robert cares for Rodger more than anyone else, and will go to extremes to help him, ieven if he doesn't want him too, despite this Robert and Rodger are often seen fighting over the silliest things, and tend to resolve their problems with violence, Melissa and Drew believe that if Rodger wasn't influenced by Robert, he might actually be a good kid.


Robert and Dorn have a complex relationship, on the one hand he is the most annoying Dallon Robert knows, on the other his life would probably suck without him, Dorn and Robert have been shown to generally care about one another, almost as much as Robert and Rodger, Robert often drags Dorn into situations he clearly wants nothing to do with.