Name: Rodger Daller Relations: Robert Daller(Twin brother), Larklin Daller(adopted brother), Darla Daller(adopted sister), Melissa Daller(Adopted mother), Drew Daller(Adopted Father)

Love interest(s): Madison Pink

Superhero persona: 'Static Boy'
Static boy s charging up by robertdaller-d82v9o5

Rodger in his Static Boy persona

Age(currently in series): 14

Nickname(s): Rodgy, SB (In superhero persona), Sempai (By Madison for unknown reasons), RD, Creepo(by Carl).
Madison makes rodger feel a little sheepish by robertdaller-d8dj2vv

Rodger starring at Madison


Rodger is a socially awkward Dallon with having the stereotype of wearing glasses, having braces, socially awkwardness, and having a big IQ. But really, Rodger is just as a problem child as his twin brother, Robert, except he doesn't take it to extremes as he does. He's like Robert's other half, in a way. Rodger is curious to know of his history and unknown race, being dropped off with his brother at Drew and Melissa's doorstep. His relationship to his friend and annoying neighbor, Dorn Cobbler is a bit like older siblings tend to treat younger siblings when they're almost driving them insane. Mostly when he and others tease about his crush on Madison Pink. His overcomplicated relationship with Madison tends on him trying to hide it when in front of her yet making it completely obvious. He tends to go over board with his crush, going to the extremes with stalking her in her sleep with security cameras hidden all over her house. This causes him to have a somewhat cold relationship with Carl McGreen, Madison's brother by adoption. He somehow seems offended by how he makes fun of his unintended 'creepiness' around Madison. Though Madison is fine with that considering the fact that she also has a crush on him which is unknowing to Rodger. He tries his best to hide his superhero identity as 'Static Boy' who is one of the outlawed team of superheroes known as 'The Awesome Squad' who are all mistaken that they were responsible for the death of Clark Dread, the town thinking that Clark is a good guy.

Appearance: Has orange fur, lime-green eyes with lime-green large and fluffy hair with glasses and braces. He wears a green sweater with burgundy pants, striped socks, and black shoes. He also has a greyish seebone that is made out of an unknown material with him and his brother being the abnormal height of 4 feet. In his Static Boy appearance, he has a green suit with electrical circuts inside it as well as a heart keeper since Rodger has heart problems, he also wears a big green hat with green goggles to hide his identity.

First Appearance: 'The Soldier Snatcher' Latest Appearance: 'The Principal's order'

Trivia: Rodger tends to stalk around Madison everywhere. Both Rodger and Robert were of an unknown race. Rodger seems to be like a nerd stereotype though he's really not like that. Him and his brother are 'Problem Children', causing trouble at home and at school such as microwaving a spoon for curiosity and then the microwave blew up.