aka Dipper Pines

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Gravity Falls Oregon
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Uncovering the secrets of Gravity Falls
  • I am Manly Mannington...or whatever you just said
  • CaveJohnson

    It's all on Deviantart right now,

    i'm gonna get around to posting it here.

    i'm just incredibly lazy. XD

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  • CaveJohnson

    Made a huge edit

    November 18, 2014 by CaveJohnson

    Ok so for the few people who actually edit this place, I thought I should post this.

    I basically have rebooted the wiki, replacing every image with newer better drawn images, and deleted the strips I had uploaded, as I realized that at the time I sucked at drawing and was unable to do a comic series, and whether or not i'm ready now is debatable, I now have a Co-writer (MermandoandmabelFAN on Deviantart) And have been uploading new art there.

    I will likely upload many new character pages tommorow, as well as redefine some character's profiles. (And um... actually given profiles to them XD)

    Also as Founder, I have passed the rule that no one can post Fan made projects outside of blogs. (Maybe forums) at least until the comic actually starts.

    I …

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  • CaveJohnson

    Still alive

    April 29, 2012 by CaveJohnson

    Yes folks or weathermazter you're the only one who will probally read this I am trying to figure out how to create a website having serious problems it appears my grammar sucks also i'm gonna work on this and try and create the website to it's fullest that's all folks (as in weather mazter).

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  • CaveJohnson


    January 21, 2012 by CaveJohnson

    Ok look i've been noticing that having a wiki as the only place to read a comic isn't the best idea so I hope someone's read's this cause i'm gonna work on a website! anyone who comes to this blog please help me with creating a website for Dallon Universe! here is what i've got so far P.S this blog ended up rather short.

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  • CaveJohnson

    My Inspiration

    January 21, 2012 by CaveJohnson

    Ok guys here's how it all began when I was little I used to make up stuff regarding the first video game I ever played Super Mario Sunshine I made up stuff regarding F.L.U.D.D Advance battling a Dark version of yoshi however my mom told me that I should stop one day I drew aliens who were invading the Mushroom Kingdom which were Robert and his parents Dallis and (Dorn) however I later seperated them from my mario fanfics and decided to make up a whole big story regarding them but when I got older I slowly stopped drawing these characters the same I went through several concept designs which I have lost all of them I have been slowly finding the older disigns and I will be posting the them here please remember that I have not actually poste…

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