Ok so for the few people who actually edit this place, I thought I should post this.

I basically have rebooted the wiki, replacing every image with newer better drawn images, and deleted the strips I had uploaded, as I realized that at the time I sucked at drawing and was unable to do a comic series, and whether or not i'm ready now is debatable, I now have a Co-writer (MermandoandmabelFAN on Deviantart) And have been uploading new art there.

I will likely upload many new character pages tommorow, as well as redefine some character's profiles. (And um... actually given profiles to them XD)

Also as Founder, I have passed the rule that no one can post Fan made projects outside of blogs. (Maybe forums) at least until the comic actually starts.

I will also be removing any Administrator rights I added to people, if any of you want your rights back just ask me, but it seems nobody really cares enough right now, so i'm deleting them.

Hopefully the comic will go a lot better this time around, anyway...cya!