Ok guys here's how it all began when I was little I used to make up stuff regarding the first video game I ever played Super Mario Sunshine I made up stuff regarding F.L.U.D.D Advance battling a Dark version of yoshi however my mom told me that I should stop one day I drew aliens who were invading the Mushroom Kingdom which were Robert and his parents Dallis and (Dorn) however I later seperated them from my mario fanfics and decided to make up a whole big story regarding them but when I got older I slowly stopped drawing these characters the same I went through several concept designs which I have lost all of them I have been slowly finding the older disigns and I will be posting the them here please remember that I have not actually posted these on the internet untiul now as my parents wanted me to be old enough on my birthday I began constructing ways to put them on the web and at last I have created this wiki soon I will be creating my own website, Making a webcomic is my dream thank's for all the support.